Sophisticated Real-Time Image Analysis Helps Detect Fires

fcam-fire-spotting-cameraAmong the more interesting inventions in recent times is the use of modern digital image analysis in the help for real-time fire detection.

Those fire detection systems consist of so called fire spotting cameras that can detect flames by digital image analysis.

As compared to smoke detectors, a fire detection camera like the f-cam has significant advantages: Smoke detectors and other older systems only work when they’re close by a fire. The smoke or the heat needs to reach the detector’s sensor to trigger the alarm. What this means is that smoke detectors are usually only triggered several minutes once a fire has broken out.

Another major advantage of the f-cam is the ability to cover a wide field of view which makes it ideal for outdoor venues and similar locations. The camera can easily cover wide and vast areas spanning several hundreds of meters. As compared to smoke detectors, the f-cam doesn’t need to be close to a fire, it can be placed at distance and is still effective. With the help of digital image analysis, fires can be detected in real-time.

The f-cam can easily be integrated in existing CCTV systems. For most commercial venues today this means that it is very easy to add a f-cam fire spotting camera for increased fire safety.