A Better Way To Do Your Invoices

If you own a business like I do, the various managing tasks can quickly get overwhelming. It’s not only that not being efficient in those things can slow things down, it can actually cost you customers when things such as your order and delivery process is being slowed down.

Electronic Invoicing - E-InvoiceSomething which took especially long time in the past was the entire invoicing process.

What you did you created an invoice with each order, added the invoice to the order, mailed the order and then had to wait several days until your customer or the publisher actually received and then paid the invoice.

With electronic invoicing this is entirely different and this makes it perfect for any type of business, even smaller ones!

You can simply continue to create your invoices as usual (normally you will create them as PDF files), but rather than mailing them physically you will e-mail the invoice to an electronic invoicing provider such as Cloud Trade. What they do, they’ll read your invoice document and convert it into an electronic invoice. The e-invoice is than dispatched to your client who likewise can immediately process it. The entire invoicing and billing process will only take a minute. There is no need to mail anything and no need to wait for days.

But the best thing about e-invoice is that you can just continue your business as usual without needing to change anything major in your process. You also don’t have to buy any equipment or similar. You create the same invoices as PDF files as you did before and just mail them to the e-invoicing service. That’s it! So if you’re a business owner and want to speed-up things and most importantly save costs I can highly recommend that you look int e-invoicing!