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The Benefits of Private Schools


People not just in the United Kingdom but elsewhere are increasingly looking at our private schools and the many benefits that they can provide for their children.

What are those benefits of private schools compared to state schools?

Educational experts in the UK have recently publicly complained about how public schools are often disregarding the value of extracurricular activities. In some cases, state schools are skipping activities such as class trips, stating that those would negatively affect students grades.

While the skipping of a trip into the French Alps for a skiing vacation with the class might possibly not cause a lot of concern (besides the disappointed students of course), skipping other activities such as educational trips, museum visits or a trip to another country for learning a language better could be more concerning.

In many cases, public schools are simply lacking the funds for such activities.

The other aspect were public schools are often significantly lacking would be sports.

At the first glance, you might think that providing your children a way to engage in soccer matches and similar activities wouldn’t be a big deal. But your opinion may well change once you know how it is often those activities where your children can learn valuable skills that can help them later in life.

Last but not least, sports is a great way to help balance students’ life. It is there that children can often regain energy to help them with their studies.

Know that a good private school can greatly help your children to prepare for a competitive job market. It can never be wrong to think about your children’s future as early as possible.

I can recommend that you look into Kingshottschool, a premier independent school in Hertfordshire. For a list of more privately operated schools in the United Kingdom you can start here: list of private schools in the UK

Oracle Says 95% of Its Services Will Be Cloud-based This Year

According to Oracle’s CEO Mark Hurd the company plans to make all its software products available as cloud services. Consumers can expect being able to subscribe to their services by the end of the year.

These news had been revealed in an interview with Bloomberg this past Thursday. The launch of the cloud-based services will be right at the time where Oracle hosts their annual open world conference.

As of now, about 65% of Oracle’s services are available as cloud services. By October this number will be up to 95%.

With that move, Oracle goes in a similar direction as competitor Microsoft. Microsoft too expanded its datacentre infrastructure in the last two years in an attempt to transition from a business that sells software to one that rents out applications in the cloud.

Another company that is focusing at cloud services, along with Microsoft and Oracle is Adobe.