Fitness Classes Online Are Perfect for Winter!

Do you want to stay in shape but don’t feel too motivated to leave the house? Online fitness classes can be an excellent option especially now in the colder time of the year.

What so good about these online fitness classes is that they are often held by renowned major fitness studios so you know that the teachers are actually qualified. If you look around on the internet, you can find a good number of professional online fitness classes from many known fitness studios, not only from the UK but also from elsewhere.

You can find yoga classes, pilates or classic fitness routines if you want to lose some weight, courses for muscle building and many more.

Some of those online fitness classes may charge a fee if you want to attend them, but you can also find some free videos with fitness lessons if you look around on YouTube or other video websites. These free fitness classes are often less comprehensive but  they’re still good to tie you over until spring.

If you happen to be in East London, you may want to check out Hackney exercise,  this is one of the fitness gyms that I recommend. I like their many different types of fitness classes and the fact that they have very knowledgeable and helpful trainers. If you ask me, London Fields is probably one of the best fitness gyms I found in the last years, at least here in East London.

The Benefits of Private Schools


People not just in the United Kingdom but elsewhere are increasingly looking at our private schools and the many benefits that they can provide for their children.

What are those benefits of private schools compared to state schools?

Educational experts in the UK have recently publicly complained about how public schools are often disregarding the value of extracurricular activities. In some cases, state schools are skipping activities such as class trips, stating that those would negatively affect students grades.

While the skipping of a trip into the French Alps for a skiing vacation with the class might possibly not cause a lot of concern (besides the disappointed students of course), skipping other activities such as educational trips, museum visits or a trip to another country for learning a language better could be more concerning.

In many cases, public schools are simply lacking the funds for such activities.

The other aspect were public schools are often significantly lacking would be sports.

At the first glance, you might think that providing your children a way to engage in soccer matches and similar activities wouldn’t be a big deal. But your opinion may well change once you know how it is often those activities where your children can learn valuable skills that can help them later in life.

Last but not least, sports is a great way to help balance students’ life. It is there that children can often regain energy to help them with their studies.

Know that a good private school can greatly help your children to prepare for a competitive job market. It can never be wrong to think about your children’s future as early as possible.

I can recommend that you look into Kingshottschool, a premier independent school in Hertfordshire. For a list of more privately operated schools in the United Kingdom you can start here: list of private schools in the UK

Oracle Says 95% of Its Services Will Be Cloud-based This Year

According to Oracle’s CEO Mark Hurd the company plans to make all its software products available as cloud services. Consumers can expect being able to subscribe to their services by the end of the year.

These news had been revealed in an interview with Bloomberg this past Thursday. The launch of the cloud-based services will be right at the time where Oracle hosts their annual open world conference.

As of now, about 65% of Oracle’s services are available as cloud services. By October this number will be up to 95%.

With that move, Oracle goes in a similar direction as competitor Microsoft. Microsoft too expanded its datacentre infrastructure in the last two years in an attempt to transition from a business that sells software to one that rents out applications in the cloud.

Another company that is focusing at cloud services, along with Microsoft and Oracle is Adobe.

Sophisticated Real-Time Image Analysis Helps Detect Fires

fcam-fire-spotting-cameraAmong the more interesting inventions in recent times is the use of modern digital image analysis in the help for real-time fire detection.

Those fire detection systems consist of so called fire spotting cameras that can detect flames by digital image analysis.

As compared to smoke detectors, a fire detection camera like the f-cam has significant advantages: Smoke detectors and other older systems only work when they’re close by a fire. The smoke or the heat needs to reach the detector’s sensor to trigger the alarm. What this means is that smoke detectors are usually only triggered several minutes once a fire has broken out.

Another major advantage of the f-cam is the ability to cover a wide field of view which makes it ideal for outdoor venues and similar locations. The camera can easily cover wide and vast areas spanning several hundreds of meters. As compared to smoke detectors, the f-cam doesn’t need to be close to a fire, it can be placed at distance and is still effective. With the help of digital image analysis, fires can be detected in real-time.

The f-cam can easily be integrated in existing CCTV systems. For most commercial venues today this means that it is very easy to add a f-cam fire spotting camera for increased fire safety.

A Better Way To Do Your Invoices

If you own a business like I do, the various managing tasks can quickly get overwhelming. It’s not only that not being efficient in those things can slow things down, it can actually cost you customers when things such as your order and delivery process is being slowed down.

Electronic Invoicing - E-InvoiceSomething which took especially long time in the past was the entire invoicing process.

What you did you created an invoice with each order, added the invoice to the order, mailed the order and then had to wait several days until your customer or the publisher actually received and then paid the invoice.

With electronic invoicing this is entirely different and this makes it perfect for any type of business, even smaller ones!

You can simply continue to create your invoices as usual (normally you will create them as PDF files), but rather than mailing them physically you will e-mail the invoice to an electronic invoicing provider such as Cloud Trade. What they do, they’ll read your invoice document and convert it into an electronic invoice. The e-invoice is than dispatched to your client who likewise can immediately process it. The entire invoicing and billing process will only take a minute. There is no need to mail anything and no need to wait for days.

But the best thing about e-invoice is that you can just continue your business as usual without needing to change anything major in your process. You also don’t have to buy any equipment or similar. You create the same invoices as PDF files as you did before and just mail them to the e-invoicing service. That’s it! So if you’re a business owner and want to speed-up things and most importantly save costs I can highly recommend that you look int e-invoicing!

Getting into the Computer Business

computer hardware business
If you want to get into the computer hardware business today, it is not all that rosy as it might seem. What is enjoyable for the enthusiast who builds his own computer is not necessarily profitable if you do it on a larger scale for others.

The reason for this is simply that the market today is saturated with companies such as Dell that sell computer systems at prices that an average small business computer store owner simply cannot beat.

So if you’re getting into that type of business, it is much better if you think about whether you want to specialize yourself in the field. Rather than trying to sell computers for the average Joe, it could be a much better idea if you target a special niche market  such as gamers and computer enthusiasts with your computer systems.

A gamer or enthusiast is likely more willing to spend good money on a high and computer with the best and fastest hardware. If you can establish your PC business in this sector it may actually make some profit which would otherwise be very difficult.

There are other potentially good ideas for computer businesses as well that you should look into. Good examples for this would be custom case designs and modding, gaming console modifications or similar.

Just don’t make the mistake and think it will be as easy as buying PC parts, assembling computers and selling them for a good price. This simply won’t work today.